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Call for Action HB 2843 linked here  prohibit stretch codes

Each month members of the MFBO Board of Directors meet to review and discuss various building code issues, establish positions and take action when necessary. The Board regularly monitors Massachusetts legislative proposals that if enacted would effectively write, amend or establish building code requirements that should be enacted through the established process of MGL c. 143 §§ 95 & 97

Linked here are summaries of proposed legislation, the actual text of the bills, the position that the MFBO has taken, and the email of the legislator that sponsored the bill. The purpose of this space is to encourage Building Officials to contact legislative sponsors as well as local legislators to help inform them of the consequences of establishing building code through legislation.

We encourage all Building Official to join with the efforts of MFBO to either oppose or support various legislative bills that are being considered at the State level. This legislation, if enacted, could have a significant impact on our ability to enforce the State Building Code.