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Governor Reorganize the Department of Public Safety takes effect

Effective Monday March 27, 2017 the consolidation of the Division of Professional Licensure (DPL) and the Department of Public Safety. This consolidation will create The Office of Public Safety and Inspections within DPL, a regulatory agency under the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business regulation.

Full Press Release  linked here

9th edition promulgation public hearings set

March 7, 2017 Boston, Article from CommonWealth on Electric Vehicles linked here

March 14, 2017 Springfield, more information linked here

Linked here is the BBRS web page for the 9th edition

9th edition comment period ends April 10, 2017

On April 11 and May 16 the BBRS members convene a regular public meeting where  members will begin to review comments received before, during and after the public hearing dates and approve the new code final contents. Time and locations linked here

9th edition expected effective date July 1, 2017

Once the BBRS approves the final contents, the Ninth Edition Code will be filed with the Secretary of State with an expected effective date on or about July 1, 2017. Further, BBRS members have voted to approve a concurrency period beginning on the effective date of the new code and ending on January 1, 2018 wherein a code user may choose to design and construct projects in conformance to either the Eighth or Ninth Edition of the Code, without mixing provisions.

State Inspector districts revamped

State inspector by district and towns assigned

State inspector district map