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ICC Chapter Update

The October message is Linked here

Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) office moves

The HIC office has moved, announcement Linked here

Interested in Zoning

Special Zoning Seminar With Attorney Donald Dubendorf Sponsored by the Building Officials of Western Massachusetts Wednesday, November 15, 2017 At The Log Cabin 500 Easthampton Road, Holyoke (easy access to I-91) • A wide variety of current topics demystified • Plenty of time for your questions!
Our speaker again will be Attorney Donald Dubendorf of Williamstown. He is a widely recognized authority on municipal zoning, and a sought-after speaker. His talks are always enlightening and engaging. Attorney Dubendorf actually makes zoning interesting! He has been our guest for the past six years, each with more attendees than the better.

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State Inspector districts revamped

State inspector by district and towns assigned

State inspector district map